our mission

Someone once said “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” It’s a cliche by now and it really hasn’t stopped anyone from music writing. Still, its point looms large: how can you possibly attempt to explain a song so infinite, personal, visceral? It’s like someone explaining why a certain joke is funny after the fact, sapping the timeliness, delivery and brilliance that made everyone laugh in the first place.

So why are we taking the path of the dancers?

Music was meant to be shared. It can be as personal as Romeo singing up to Juliet or John Sophomore trying to woo Jane Freshman with acoustic Dave Matthews. It can be as communal and social as thousands holding up lighters at a Journey amphitheater concert or dozens singing along in a dank basement to the local punk band. It can be as impersonal as laying down, putting on your headphones and listening to Blood on the Tracks. Whether you’re sharing the experience with a loved one, friend, hundreds of people you don’t know or just the artist through magnets and wires, music is about shared humanity.

By writing about the music we hold dear, we hope to continue this relationship of sharing. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we are able to tell you about this music while you listen along.

So pardon us while we waltz to the tune of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Each post will contain a batch of one or a few songs that come together as a zip file. In order to access these, you must have the latest (free) WinZIP or WinRAR program (I recommend WinRAR), which you can download here. Many PCs already come with WinZIP.

When we present a download link, it will be to a third-party site that hosts our files. Click on the link and then click “Download” on the new page. A screen will pop up asking you what you want to do with the new file. Choose “Open With: WinRAR (or WinZIP).” Your download will begin; when it finishes, a WinRAR screen will appear. Highlight the folder name you just downloaded and go to the top bar and click “Extract To.” Dig up your music folder and highlight it, click “OK” and let the files extract. When it’s all done, you’re ready to play–I promise it’s much easier than it sounds in print.

Note: all mp3s are for evaluation purposes only. Files will be available for a short time and deleted, or deleted by request.


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