Nine Inch Nails From the Truth

Hello, my name is Corey O’Brien(surreal07) and I’m bringing you straight music news and this is what I love doing. One of the most potent rock bands of our generation is taking rock supremacy to a new level. The rock band of Nine Inch Nails, NIN, have led its newest endeavor in the music recording industry with their new 2008 release. No, it does not have explicitly lyrics or does it have demonic meaning to make Tipper Gore and the FCC mad. Instead of using the now unreliable business of the recording industry, they released their newest studio album off their own website. This is in following of the most downloaded album last year by Radiohead. Maybe these two innovators of music have seen the light at the end of the tunnel for the music industry. And that light does not involve any industry.

In 2007, Radiohead released their new studio album on their own website for free download. It was and still is the most listened album on last.fm. This success has brought new life to the release of any studio album. About a month ago, NIN released their newest album named Ghosts. They released it off their own website in response to the depleting recording industry. Instead of just releasing the album free like Radiohead. NIN gave the loyal music fan options. One has five choices of download. First, a free download of nine tracks from the I-IV albums. Second is for a $5 dollar is all 36 tracks including a 40 page pdf file. Third is $10 for all tracks on 2 CD with a 16 page booklet. Fourth is worth $75 for all previous orders and a blue-ray dvd slide show for all four albums. Finally, the fifth option is worth $300. This option has already been sold out at 2,500 copies. That is alone $750,000 in revenue for the band. Maybe Trent Reznor, Lead singer, and NIN have found the new path for all record releases. All profit is transfered directly to the band. There are no more RIAA problems, no more questions of piracy, and no more discussion of illegal file sharing. The truth is that Trent Reznor and band like Radiohead are just becoming another playing field that the music industry will never reach. Even piracy websites with message boards are stating that they are paying instead of using the free download of the new NIN album. This is just to flip the bird to the recording industry even though they do not even like the music. It is great to see what geurilla media has effect on the music industry.

So maybe the truth is closer than we think to finding a convenient truth. But this time there is proof and no discussion for debate.
My musical artist pick for this week is an unsigned but very popular Jersey shore band, Your Sweet Uncertainty. After the break up of The Early November, YSR was born. Their debut release is nothing else but classic alternative punk at its finest. Hope you enjoy.


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