Loyalty to Royalties?

When loyalty is mentioned then life as service comes to mind. And to us, listening to music is the service we do to the music world. But loyalty like everything else has become contextualized. We are loyal as consumer, innovators, and most importantly listeners to music. Everything we do on any single day is affected by music. It’s the way we feel, move and think. Either we’re listening to our favorite bands or experimenting in new genres, we’re loyal to the artist. So you figure the music recording industry with the most loyal consumers have the same feelings towards the consumers?


Maybe you should be spelling ‘wrong’ with RIAA. This stands for the Recording Industry Association of America. About a month ago, the RIAA suggested to decrease artist’s royalties from 13% to 9%. If you don’t like this then you might start not liking the #1 business in America, Apple. The Apple company, who owns the reputable iTunes, wants to decrease the royalty rate to a measly 4%. The only idiotic question that comes to mind is Why? The most loyal consumer-oriented industry is basically screwing over the loyal artists. They say it has to do with slumping record sales and stop the piracy of music. But what you really don’t know is that they think pirating music leads to drugs and violence. Funny thing is … artists are sueing the labels because they haven’t see any royalty money. Go figure…


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