It has been said that “anger is one letter short of danger.” Right now I’m asking myself if danger is short of a letter, because I’m at a point in which I could explode. You see, I just got into a car accident earlier tonight and my newly purchased 2000 Toyota Celica ended up with some body damage. After about an hour of driving around the south side of Loyola campus desperately looking for parking, I was sideswiped by another driver who had decided to change lanes abruptly without looking at the oncoming traffic. Sadly, I could not stop in time. And as I slammed on my brakes, I swear I could hear my car screaming. It was the kind of scream you’d hear in a Jerry Bruckheimer film before someone dies; epic, yet completely ridiculous and ungodly cheesy. While the accident was minor and thankfully did not result in death or injury, I am still quite perturbed about the whole thing, especially because I just bought the car a few months ago, and on top of that, I just had $2200 dollars worth of work done on the car because of another accident that happened a month after I bought the damn thing. So in light of the situation, I thought it would be fitting to publish a blog about the loudest, craziest, most belligerently heavy songs that reside in the plethora of albums that sit on my CD rack. These songs make my eardrums bleed. Click on the mediafire links at the bottom of each blurb to get the songs.

Dillinger Escape Plan – Nong Eye Gong

Can you believe this song is Just over one minute long? I sure as hell can’t. It’s quite a busy tune. If you don’t know, Dillinger Escape Plan are a very acquired taste. However, once you get past the noise factor, you really come to see that the band is really good at what they do. The musicianship is incredible, with layer upon layer of guitar riffs molded into the mix, synced perfectly with the erratic drumming of Gil Sharone (former fill-in for of Plus 44); this is a band that oddly, makes the most unpredictable music in a very structured and pragmatic way. The brainchild behind the band, Ben Weinman, is the only original member left, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them at all. Their latest album, Ire Works, has proven to many that they aren’t quitting anytime soon.


The rock continues after the jump…

Nile – Laying Fire Upon Apep

Nile is a band that in recent years has become one of the world’s most influential death metal bands. These guys really know how to push the envelope. This song is off of the album Ithyphallic. They do a great job of incorporating many various Egyptian instruments into their music. Karl Sanders, the group guitarist and founder, has an intense fascination with Egyptian history. Every Nile album has involved that theme in some way or another. Musicianship is no problem for this band. Their playing is superb, so much so that Karl Sanders even took a few guitar lessons before writing and recording this album.


Strapping Young Lad – Skeksis

This is the most ridiculous metal band you will ever hear. Imagine the music a killer giant robot hears in its head; that is SYL. They are obnoxiously loud, musically confusing, and the lead singer and songwriter has a skullet. If that doesn’t make you want to listen to this band, I don’t know what will. SYL is one of the many musical projects put out by Devin Townsend. He is a musical mastermind and amazing producer. SYL is his most aggressive project, who are now sadly broken up. However, these songs will live on forever. This is off of the album Alien.


Behemoth – Slaves Shall Serve

This song makes you want to break things, and not in a Fred Durst kind of way. Behemoth is another band that is at the forefront of the death metal genre really pushing the limits. This is off of the album Demigod.



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