Cruisin’ Tunes

Spring seems to have finally arrived in Chicago. Shirts are off, shorts are on, and clogs are once again beginning to rear their ugly heads upon the feet of comfortable shoe enthusiasts. This is when the weather is perfect in Chicago; right after the blistering cold and right before the swamp ass summers (my apologies for mentioning the term swamp ass, I know its gross). People are coming out of hibernation, ready to bask in the subtle warmth of the sun, before it begins to melt our faces off. This is pure cruising weather, whether by car, bike, skates, street luge, unicycle, or anything else the kids are riding these days. So I created a cruising play list in honor of Spring. These are some of the songs that would end up blaring in my car on a cool Spring night rolling down Lake Shore Drive. Enjoy! Click on the links at the end of the blurbs to get the songs.

Jesu – Conqueror

This band is the creation of Justin K. Broadrick. It is quite odd hearing such beautiful, lullaby type heavy music coming from a guy who used to be in a band called Napalm Death. However, he has involved himself in many projects like this, combining more ambient and electronic elements with heavy tuned down guitars. His melodies float above the instruments, like a leaf coasting through the air at slow motion speed. He has admitted in interviews that he had always expected to calm down at some point and write more ambient, slow tempo stuff. He also meditates and smokes a plenitude of marijuana, which may explain why this music is so chill.


The rock continues after the jump…

Black Light Burns – New Hunger

Okay, so I know this is Wes Borland’s new band and I know that he played in Limp Bizkit, but please give this a chance. This sounds nothing like LP at all. Instead, it sounds much more industrial electronic influenced; think NIN with a more straight up rock sort of feel. Borland did work on this album with Danny Lohner and Josh Freese, who have both worked with Trent Reznor in the past, so that may explain why it sounds the way it does. But, man, this is a great song; well crafted, great hook, interesting sounds. I have to give it to him. This is one that is definitely playing in my car quite a bit.


Devin Townsend Band – Let It Roll

The sensitive side of the Dev comes out in this tune. It is off of the record Synchestra. It is very interesting comparing this project to Strapping Young Lad because he records both band’s records around the same time. As a listener you get to hear his natural progression from record to record. His singing really comes through on this track. Just a beautiful song all around.


Dredg – Jamais Vu

Beautiful tune off their album Catch Without Arms. Dredg is one of those bands that isn’t uber popular, but should be. Well crafted songwriting, beautiful vocal melodies, melancholic guitar lines; all of these elements make for quite a pleasurable listening experience. They’re currently in the studio working on their fourth release.



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