Pop-Punk Revolution…

I think every every high school student goes into freshman year to find one punk rock band that suits their young lifestyle. It was a way to connect to something out of the daily school routine. It also became your revolution to music, Everyone remember when you look back on those young somewhat innocent days and goes “Wow, I remember those guys.” That happened to me over 7 years ago with a band from Coral Springs, Florida. The band that is today, New Found Glory. The pop-punk band that is still influential today. The poppy love songs we still secretly listen to today had a huge effect on us. When the pop punk scene hit the airwaves we grew out of the MTV era of our lives. After I saw NFG’s “My Friends Over You” on the quite possibly worse show on Tv, TRL. I like to call it the end of music.

But without this type of music that helped us find ourselves, then we would never found the music we listen to today. We would never had taken a seat and let new music taken us for a ride.

Now the punk-pop music has moved on to more indie labeled music and bands. But to be suprised only New Found Glory has survived the past ten years of musical change with a second great cover album and greatest hits album. Now the punk pop bands are making a comeback with the indie labels themselves. Even NFG has switched ideas and are making a punk-rock album being released on Tuesday. It brings punk back to the old days of heavy distortion and metal lyrics. Also I recently heard the band, Mest, held a reunion concert this month. After they broke up they released two songs and a hit song that never made it, “Take Me Away“. Let’s hope maybe there is a chance for good ol’ punk rock can make it back like Halifax said, “Our Revolution.”


1 Response to “Pop-Punk Revolution…”

  1. 1 eddie
    April 26, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    I just had a solid youtube sing-a-long session to Taking Back Sunday, which I listened to a little too far into my high school career than is probably healthy. I tend to look back on my Blink-182, New Found Glory and Goldfinger freshman love-fests with some disdain and regret, but these really were catchy songs.

    It could be that syndrome everyone develops where they are convinced the high school class below them is terrible, or that all music put out these days is pure shit compared to when I was younger, blah fuckin blah; but as bad as some of the pop-punk was we listened to back then it really puts current top-40 radio to shame.

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