Most Anticipated Albums for 2008

Every year means a new anticipated album list is set to be released. I have shortened a list for you to please your music listening ears. All the music mags annually try to please its readers with obnoxious lists that include artists that either will never make it or music that just sux. Maybe Alternative Press Magazine has found the solution by putting singer/songwriter, Andrew McMahon from Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin on its cover. His 2005 release, “Everything Is Transit”, was a major hit and do not be surprised if his sophomore album is even better. “The Glass Passenger” is looking to be released in late Summer or early Fall. So watch out.

The second album I must include is New Found Glory‘s new 2-disc album entitled “Tip of the Iceberg/ Takin it Ova”. It is a ship taken back in time into Punk’s crazy days. With heavy distortion and Chad Gilbert and vocals with Lead singer Jordan Pundik switching roles. It is another solid album from a long time running band.

The Third most anticipated album is another great singer/songwriter by the name of Ace Enders. The band is called Ace Enders and a Million Different People. His new CD is supposely looking to be realeased on June 24th. From his first hits with The Early November and I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business, one must see good things for Ace. His song “From A Daze” is absolutely amazing and it was recorded in his own studio basement which was just built this past year.

The fourth and most important most anticipated album of 2008 for my music listening is from my favorite band of all time, O.A.R. The new release is looking to be out July 15th. It is entitled “All Sides”. This is the second major label release from Everfine Records, and if it hits big like their 2005 studio release then watch for even bigger things from this band. Two songs from the new album are already on their MySpace page. It is going back to their old days with more musically structured songs but with better produced sound. Can’t wait to hear and go seem them on July 24th live at Charter One Pavilion. They are still the best live band I have seen.


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