Of a Revolution…. Back in Chicago

A week from today on the 15th comes forth the newest studio release from the band O.A.R. (Of a Revolution…). This marks their 6th studio album since 2007 not mentioning 3 double disc live albums. Just a year removed from the release of Live at Madison Square Garden, the double disc/DVD, the popularity is on a major high. The new studio album is named “All Sides” to show the insanely diverse attributes of the band’s musical skill. With studio recorded versions of “Living in the End” and “What is Mine”. These two songs are already hits with their fans but its now time to let everyone else hear these great masterpieces.

With a fan base that is currently on the rise, these masterful musicians have found a resilience with the music industry. Having been together for over 10 years their love for music has not stopped. At the live performance on July 24th in Chicago at Charter One Pavilion, anyone in Chicago should go see an actual musical performance. Each song that was recorded at 4 minutes proceeds to be played for ten minutes in a jam band performance. Each band member has the ability to steal the show with a mind bending solo either it is Marc Roberge with ideas from the top of his head in every song, Jerry DePizzo on saxophone, Richard On with lead guitar solos, Ben Gershman on the bass, Chris Culos on Drums, or their traveling one-man-band percussionist Mikel Paris. This is not just a concert but it is a musical enlightenment. So check the their website or myspace to get more information or hear the new songs.


2 Responses to “Of a Revolution…. Back in Chicago”

  1. 1 Metomix
    July 22, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Here’s some links about O.A.R.’s recent concert in St. Louis. Enjoy!

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