RST boys go beer pong to recording

About two years and midst of drinking everyday through college, I stumbled upon a group of guys like me who had made youtube videos of comedy parodies about drinking. The guys came to be known as Right Side of the Tree. Though an indifferent band name they started to record parodies of songs like “King Kong” by Jibbs featuring Chamillioniare into masterpieces like “Beer Pong Anthem” and the eventual “Beer Pong Anthem Remix“. Other parodies include Lil Wayne’s “Make it Rain” and Flo Rida’s “Low” but each song is original in its comedic yet catchy rendition. With other songs like ” Pregaming” and “Spring Break Anthem”, they come to have a very large following for a group of guys just having fun.

Now the two main members in Payne and Jones have taken themselves a bit further to carry on the name as a musical artist. They have been only recording for a short while and have seen breakthrough in all their original pieces. With songs like “Chains” and “World for the Taking” they are heading on a successful road. While recording “World of the Taking” the great r & b artist Lloyd came in and heard the track. Not only was he impressed but he wanted on the track as well. So Right Side of the Tree let Lloyd on the track and made it a jammin hot track.

So now much of the focus is on their first record but they still make time to have fun and make some hilarious videos in the meantime. The RST boys do sound great but check them out for yourself on their YouTube page or their MySpace page either its for drinking songs or just great music.


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