Glass Passenger looks solid

Over four months ago I wrote a blog entry on my picks for most anticipated albums of this year. And today another one of my picks will be coming out on September 30th. Jack’s Mannequin has released its sophomore album entitled “The Glass Passenger”. There’s definitely no sophomore slump on this record. Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin and previously Something Corporate, heads into another part  of his life for listeners all to hear. With its lead single, “The Resolution”, he has struck gold again with this single. Last album’s hit was “The Mix-tape” was strong presence in the rock world and his touring held strong for now three years.

Since today’s release of the album and the plays on JM’s MySpace( which is at almost 5000 today). Andrew McMahon and his band members seemed to find a stronghlod among its audiences. I have seen him in two different concerts and the band plays a very intimate yet rock felt concert everytime leaving you blown away. On their new single, JM has stripped down to give another heart/rock felt performance. The lyrics hit home with anyone and the music ….well its just damn good. So check out the new single cuz no matter who you are, you’re definitely going to like it. Actually I have consistently been playing it over and over again today and I can’t stop!


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