Angels and Airwaves anew?

Since being in Chicago (reason for the title) I have come to discover an even bigger love for music. And to discover music means usually finding sounds that are not usually heard in mainstream music. Well, I guess the band, Angels and Airwaves is already pretty mainstream but the sound is not. When I first heard their first single, “The Adventure”, I first thought edge from U2 and The Cure. The sound was new and refreshing. Lyrics were greatly written but the voice sounded so familiar. Come to find that it was Tom Delonge from Blink-182. This was the recent side project from another great band, BoxCar Racer. From punk, to rock, and now ultra rock with AVA. The band is just not Tom but has Atom from the Offspring at drummer, at bass Matt, who was the former bassist from 30 seconds to Mars, and David Kennedy at guitar from BoxCar Racer. This is a really diverse band in sound and technique but don’t worry rock fans your dreams will soon becoming true.

After the release of their ultra awesome documentary, not only are they planning to do remixes of their current songs but they are working on two other projects this winter. In January 2009, they will be back in the sutdio but they have already in line a punk-rock album and a third true AVA album. With great rock band members to make a ounk rock album just for fun. Then you know it will have all the sounds form all the previous bands in one. On a lighter note, also after their release of the documentary entitled, “Start the Machine”, they are looking to but a feature film together with all their music. But check out the coolest website for a band in MODlife. No other band has a website to even contend to Angels and Airwaves creations.


3 Responses to “Angels and Airwaves anew?”

  1. 1 Terry Holbert
    September 17, 2008 at 6:47 am

    At the end of the “Blink 182” fall apart I was highly mad because I thought Tom DeLonge was at fault, not realizing I’m sure everyone had an equal hand in it’s disaster. This caused me not to listen to Angels and Airwaves for a while. However, once I gave the band an actual chance they have become one of my personal favorites and seeing them at Warped Tour was awesome! What a musician and showman is DeLonge. Playing some old Blink and Boxcar Racer was also very exciting to listen to.

  2. 2 Logan c
    December 9, 2008 at 8:53 am

    The thing about Angels and Airwaves is that it sounds so sad all the time it gets sickening….blink 182 was happy and up beat but when it was necessary they through in a sad song. I Truely miss blink 182!! Unless your friend shot his head off like in nirvana a great band should never break up!

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