New stuff this Week

Since it is Monday of a new week I feel obligated to let you know whats going good for the week. First a while back I wrote a post on Tally Hall. Well this band from Ann Arbor Michigan will start showing its internet show today. Plus they are performing on the Craig Ferguson show tomorrow night for the second time of their careers. The internet show will include hilarious skits that the band members write and play themselves on these skits. It’s like the internet version of the band, The Monkees, comedy television show but actually funny. The only song they have a really music video for is “Good Day” after the re-release of their CD Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

Another cool song I heard is the release of the video for Ludacris“What Them Girls Like”. The song features Chris Brown and Sean Garret. The song and the video is hott. Chris Brown is on another record that will be a hit. Who would’ve thought

Thirdly, a band called Houston Calls will be releasing a sophomore album called “An End of an Error” on October 14th. Its been almost 3 years since their first album which was very good. So look out for them later this fall. This another release from one of my favorite record labels, Drive Thru Records. I really cannot wait for this one.


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