Our Lady Peace’s Raine

I’m sure many of you have heard the band Our Lady Peace. They have toured the world and back. I remember hearing them on the Canadian music channel MuchMusic. The first song I heard by them was a song called “Thief” in the 7th grade. It’s sultry song that was a major hit in Canada and with fans all over. Plus shooting the whole video out side in the rain just made the song more epic. Album after album OLP became a big attraction in the United States as well. In mid 2000-2002, they broke it big in the U.S. with the releases of “Spiritual Machines” and “Gravity”. Songs off gravity even made it onto MTV for the 10 minutes per day that they actually show music videos.

Now after releasing a greatest hits, lead singer, Raine Maida had focused on a solo album. He could have gone on two roads for this project.. He could keep the same sound or create something new and inspirational. Well, good for us, he choose the later. I am always inspired by new music and this is it. This music makes you think and puts you in situations that the music makes you feel all over. Unfortunately it has taken me a year to find this poetic masterpiece, “The Hunters Lullaby”. In fact, Raine basically puts his poetry to music. His highlighted track is “Yellow Brick Road.” He reminds me of a modern day Bob Dylan and that has to say a lot. This music makes you feel whatever you want and music today, well, you are not gonna find it anytime soon. So check out his MySpace and listen to his songs and get inspired.


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