Under the Influence of James Morrison

About five years ago, I got to an O.A.R. before my friends could show up. So I stood amongst a packed house at the State Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. The first act was a band named, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. The put on a great opening act and ended their set with a great rendition/acapella version of Billy Joels’ “Piano Man”. I knew these guys were going to be good. Two albums later and still touring they have hit a large audience with some stops with O.A.R. That is always a good concert.Check out their MySpace.

Flash foward those five years and I heard a guy by the name of James Morrison about a Summer ago. HIs song was called “Under the Influnce”. And I was thinking if Stephen Kellogg was from England, he would be Morrison with a lighter voice. If Kellogg was the rock A-side of the tape, the Morrison would be the soft wonderful tone of the B-side. He is absolutely huge in the Europe to New Zealand. His hit song “Wonderful World” is a huge hit. Also he won best male solo artist at the BRIT Awards. Now he’s looking at his release date of September 22nd with “You Make it Real”. This song is too good not to come to the States. I don’t like to back many artists but honestly he is one of my favorites. So check both artists out but especially Morrisson becuase every other good British artist is hitting the U.S. running just look at Leona Lewis.


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