Chelsea Daggers Amstel

I’m sure most have seen the Amstel beer commercial (if not here it is). It’s an awesome ad that includes my favorite things: music, beer, a foreign guy who you can’t understand, and partying with soccer hoodlums. This is exactly what Amstel Beer Company did when they released this ad. The song featured in the ad is called “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis. It has all the components to making it a hit song: awesome bass line, rhythmic drumline, and a chorus that everyone can sing. This song will be in your head for a while and doesn’t bother you at all. The band is from the U.K. and were surprised this song was their first hit. The Fratellis almost didn’t include the song on the album because of its raunchy lyrics and style. The song is about a lustful girl who has been in and out of love so many times that she is threw finding it again. So all the boys think they can get because of her once debauchery lifestyle but never do.

The song has been around for awhile but now making its way to the U.S. via Amstel Light. The never forgetful chorus will let this song live on forever especially in Europe. It is a fan favorite during soccer games. And now that the UEFA Champions League is mid-season I’m sure it is getting a lot of play time. I will show you what I mean check this video out with the song. The crowd goes absolutely nuts.Even Cristiano Ronaldo likes it!


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