Five long years ago I went to a concert in downtown Detroit, Mich., to see a band called Blindside who was currently signed with P.O.D’s label. Too much of my surprise I tagged along not knowing to many songs of the band but I ended up finding a band named Pacifier playing that night. I first tuned in because they were from Wellington, New Zealand and I myself lived in Australia for a few years. After the show I was so blown away that I had to talk with the band. The stage presence and awesome rock lead me to buy their CD on the spot and had it signed by their lead singer, Jon Toogood. For two years, that self titled album did not leave my car. It seemed that rock music was supposed to sound like this. With songs like “Bulletproof”, “Run”, and “Comfort Me” it was bound to hit the American airwaves. Well it did a little bit. The single “BulletProof hit the American airwaves on radio and even MTV but only for short notice.

Since those wonderful days, I could barely find them anywhere on the internet until TODAY. Come to find out that they changed their name to Shihad a couple years ago. It was a honest name change in honor of the war in Iraq. Now three #1 albums and 4 top ten singles in New Zealand what is the rest of the world waiting for. Well I guess me for now but due check them out all over the web. Their sound reminds me of a bit softer version of Nine Inch Nails and H.I.M in one band = AWESOME.


1 Response to “SHIhad”

  1. 1 Jon
    October 15, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    Down the passage of time kept looking for him
    Thank you for this passage

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