There is no memories without the fans

After the last game ever played at old Yankee Stadium, there was a celebration filled with life, hopes, and dreams. During all the ending festivities, their trademark song that is played after every home game was on repeat. The song is “New York” by the late and great Frank Sinatra. Only tradition can sum up the class that is Yankee baseball. But it was taken to another step at the closing remarks made by the team’s captain, Derek Jeter. His prowess through Major League Baseball has been for an unbelievable 13 years with a career batting average of .316. His career has entitled him as “The Captain” for being a life time Yankee.

The love for sports and music go well with each other because players get ready with music before the games and the crowds get in a frenzy at the stadiums. All in all, like sports, music has all kinds of fans. And either sports or music the fans will be there to the end. But on that last night inside Yankee Stadium Derek Jeter addressed the crowd like many other great players have done before him. After thanking the fans for everything, he told Peter Gammons this,

“There is no memories without the fans.”

I think this was one of the most powerful statements ever told on live TV, and at least at a sports event. It wasn’t a unbelievable play or an unforgettable song. It was just the perfect statement at the perfect time. I think music needs to be in touch with its fans just like Derek Jeter is to baseball fans everywhere. A man that not only represents a band or a team but a nation of fans around the world. Just like sports, music lives on forever so never let music out of your life because your memories can always add to something unforgettable.


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