senses fail kicks back

A few years ago when Drive Thru Records came out with a band that embodied a new revival of punk rock. It was not the same sound of the pop punk sound that is used to describe Something Corporate, New Found Glory and The Early November. On the release of DTR’s first compilation DVD, they showed a home made music video of their first single, “187”. The band was called Senses Fail. The band was formed in early 2002 and reached instant success. In 2004-2005, they released their second album entitled, “Let It Enfold You”. Its first single was released on Drive Thru’s sampler in late 2002 called “Bite to Break Skin”. It was a punk rock song that indeed have the bite. The album was released on Vagrant and Drive Thru Records. And it is till one of my favorite records that I actually own.

But later in 2005, one of the guitarists left and was replaced by former band member of Midtown, Heath Saraceno. Midtown was a former Drive Thru band that had broken up but they were still a great punk pop band that even had one of their songs be the first MTV Real World/ Road Rules: Battle of the Sexes theme song. Anyway by 2006, they released their third album, “Still Searching” The album reached #15 on the U.S charts and #2 on the U.S. Indie charts. Two main songs came off this album in “Calling All Cars” and “Can’t Be Saved”. This album continued on where their sophomore release left off. With the release came tours with other great bands like New Found Glory and From Autumn To Ashes. Recently their third album has been just released and it still has that same bit and pleasure. It is called “Life is not a Waiting Room”. The album does have a more serious base as the band gets older but it still rocks. So check them out and see their lives sets as well. They sound great and always put on a great show too.


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