Musical Influence #1: Leo fender

This the first segment of my music influences. Leo Fender, though a name you never here about when it comes to rock music influences, but the last name should ring a solo if you know where I’m going. Leo was the founder of the first mass-produced solid body electric guitar in 1948. That means 60 years ago the electric Fender guitar was born. One man had a heavy distorted dream of electric guitar music to be heard by the masses. Even though his guitar, bass and amplifier designs are used today, Gibson Les Paul made electric guitars widely popular in the 1950’s.

Since then the fender brand has been carried out by the rock n roll gods like Eric Clapton to yesterday’s popular bands like Blink-182. These rock and punk heroes have made a culture that is a part of fender and music all over the world. I myself own a white cream color, electric Fender Stratocaster. It’s now been 6 glorious years since I purchases my first guitar and now I’m looking at a 1976 or 1978 Fender Telecaster to buy. The reason why I bought a Fender Strat was because of Tom Delonge from Blink-182 and got the color in reason of Richard On’s white cream guitar from O.A.R’s music video “Hey Girl”. Richard On’s riff bending solos and Delonge’s punk attitude sold me on the stratocaster. Just to think it already has been a magical 60 years of the mass produced solid body electric guitar is a phenomenon. From a rhythmic solo by Clapton to the new innovative sounds of Angels and Airwaves is just a slight gift from the founder of Fender.


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