Jeff Kummer and Your Sweet Uncertainty

Well you probably recognize the name, Jeff Kummer, from Alternative Press magazines with the band The Early November. Since their hiatus in 2007, Jeff Kummer has kept to the grind as well as other members of The Early November. Ace Enders, E11’s lead singer, has made a strong following with his solo project, Ace Enders and a Million Different People. The lead guitarist, Joseph Marro, made on with his own solo project called Joseph Marro & The Humdrum. Joe also is own tour  playing in the band Hellogoodbye. But Jeff Kummer has moved on with two different projects. His solo project under his own name has just been a release for him with a very good single while he plays all the instruments on the track. He wants to record another single but with his new band on the rise its a little tough.

His new band is entitled Your Sweet Uncertainty. A new punk rock band that has a lot of fun attitude of the New Jersey punk scene. The band formed with mutual friends and the quartet are having fun in the studio.  They are recording in the same studio E11 had recorded their last two albums. The sound brings back that New Jersey sound with some rockin guitar riffs. My favorite single is “Thoughts on Time”. The song is about looking back on time to see what yo could have done. Not to mention that the bass line on this song is awesome. The single is on their MySpace so check that out. This band needs to be signed to get that punk sound back into the airwaves. Jeff Kummer needs are support because his new band is legit and that sound is what we need. This is the first unsigned band that I am willing to vow for to my readers. Check out their MySpace videos as well because they are down to earth funny guys and they will be a fun time for you guys and gals. I present to you…


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