O.A.R….(Of A Revolution)

Being a long time member of my favorite band, O.A.R., street team I have followed the band for almost their whole existence. Through many Winter and Summer tours that I have attended and help promote this year I really got the hands on view. I help promote this past Summer tour and for my city, Chicago. I wrote my experience on my blog. The set list was phenomenal that night and still rocks me today that I saw a over sold out show outside on Lake Michigan in Chicago. But I also helped the Green Dream effort this year to advocate recycling. I collected 4 huge bags of cans just at one outpost at the venue. It was incredible to see myself and the fans get involved. But quick news, O.A.R. released a blue ray version of their last recorded performance at Madison Square Garden so pick that one up for the Christmas and you’ll be impressed how well a band can play night after night.

But now O.A.R. is looking for the fans to help out a little more. So I am telling you the song is on the radio all the time and on VH1’s top Countdown. Also the band is back on tour with their college tour so check them out on their website for a concert near you. Also their new site is wicked awesome so check it out no matter what. This time you guys can help support O.A.R. with banners and music players so go all out to fix your pages on Facebook, MySpace or whatever. Also Check out my MySpace page and you guys can find the O.A.R. widget on the page.


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