Asher Roth Loves College

FINALLY I GET THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well know this guy, Asher Roth, is blowing up right now. I heard this guy a long time ago and truly thought that Asher Roth would become big right away. But now he is getting respect on almost every level of the music industry right now. This white hip hop star is from Morrisville, Pennsylvania even was courted by Jay-Z to be a part of Def Jam Records but eventually signed to a division of Universal. Even MTV of all places is starting to play his music between its shows trying to include actual music on a music station. Anyway Roth has cleared his path to a promo tour in London and already has hit the U.S. circuit. He has released his mix tape entitled, “The Greenhouse Effect” mixed by DJ Drama and Don Cannon. This mixtape is hot and you need to download it. The whole album is a good listen and free flow of lyrics to chill to. But Asher Roth’s MySpace is blowing up with hits and his actual website has an awesome set up. Both include versions of his song and remixes of songs like Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”. He has another set up website called thedailykush.com. This site follows Roth and friends through every step of the process to making it big from studio clips to his music video.

Now with his recent fame, fellow artists are finding a kin to his music. His voice reminds me and many listeners of a very young Eminem but totally different style of rapping. But Roth’s creativity in the studio is becoming a marketable source of liking and fanhood. His new lead single is “I love College”. And this year’s spring break song goes to……. yeah you guessed it Asher Roth. He is already is slated to perform on MTV’s Spring Break 09. The official music video is the typical frat party with all of its characters there. It depicts Roth’s path throughout the party and it is relative to all college students today. But the lyrics are where the most relation is for most fans because many college students have gone through the same thought process through their four years. For myself , the mix-tape and his other songs are incredible. And he sounds great live to as well. Here is a live version of “I Love College”….

So check out this guy out and I’m sure you will be impressed because so is the rest of the music world. His debut album is set to be released at midnight on 4/20, so April 21st this year. The album will be entitled, “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” and it is gaing great reviews from all of the media outlets so far…

that party last night was awfully crazy
i wish we taped it
i danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked
drink my beer and smoke my weed
but my good friends is all i need
pass out at 3 wake up at 10
go out to eat then do it again

man i love college
and i love drinkin
i love women
i love college


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