Beat Freaks on ABDC Week 6

In the sixth episode of the America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3, it became known as the battle of the sexes. Unfortunately the Stricker All Stars were eliminated and the Fly Khicks keep moving on. The top two vote getters this week were Quest Crew and once again the Beat Freaks. The all girl group did a performance to Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ Cold”. They once again used their break dancing skills with great prop usage. Lil Mama went crazy after the robotic movement intro and applauded excessively. Second was J.C. Chavez’ remarks. He said they performed very well and they are “the  masters of props”. Third was Shane and again was absolutely stunned by their performance. At the end of his remarks he finally said, “J.C called you the ‘masters of props’ you should be called ‘America’s Best Dance Crew”. The crowd went crazy but their were still a lot of boo’s going on. Anyway here is there epic performance……check it out


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