Let Eminem Do His Thing

Since the Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem has been a leading name not only in the Rap world but the Pop world as well. In Vibe’s magazine best rapper list in 2008, the best names of hip-hop including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye West, There was only one winner. He had not even released a brand new CD in 3 years and only released 2 new songs 2 years ago. But he still beat out the ever popular heavy weight, Jay-Z. That means even Vibe magazine chose a white rapper. Eminem being from Warren MI, just north of the divide of Detroit to rest of Michigan. Eminem has made a name for himself. Now his latest leaked single is “Crack a Bottle”. It is the classic Slim Shady song featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. But  the song does not really relate to his past leading singles like “The Real Slim Shady” and “Without Me”. The beat and similar trio of artists on the song remind me of Em’s last tracks on every album. On Encore, he put on a song with the same name featuring 50 and Dre. When a song is leaked then we know it was not the artist of record company’s interest to release the track. Even Em came out and said he was made especially if that was not the right song the was supposed to come out. U2 and now Kelly Clarkston are having this problem but with their whole albums. But I myself cannot waith for the new album and we also have been waiting for Dr. Dre’s new album as well for two years now. So get ready because I can see two HUGE album releases and possible Up in Smoke Tours for possibly 2009/ 2010.

So we, the fans of Eminem, have been waiting a very long time to hear or even see the man. But why are we mad that this song is not his best. Similar songs like “Crack a Bottle” never see airplay and probably for a reason. So give him a hand and just wait for the whole album it’s going to be good and probably be the #1 album the day it is released on Billboard charts and iTunes charts. Here is a YouTube clip with the new single by Eminem…


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