Collegehumor’s Best Prank Ever

On my favorite website for fun, College Humor.com is my best site to go to. Two workers at the College Humor, Streeter and Amir, have been pranking each other for awhile. There were pranks at each other on a MTV show that wouldn’t agree to Amir’s acting skills, at Yankee Stadium for Streeter’s false engagement, and at a live comedic stand-up show in which one of them performed to no laughter for Streeter. Well….. Finally Streeter got Amir back at last night’s Maryland basketball game. Through an accomplice, Amir was chosen to make a half court shot while blind-folded for half a million dollars during half time. When half time began at the during the Maryland Terp’s men’s basketball game, Streeter explained that Amir, a fellow coworker at Collegehumor.com, was picked to make this shot. And….that no matter if the shot goes in or horribly misses( which it does) cheer as loud as you can. Meanwhile, Amir is signing papers for insurance claims to take the shot in a room so he cannot hear any noise from the crowd or MC.

Finally Amir comes out on the court, then blindfolded, and air balls his half court shot. To his dismay,  the Maryland fans erupt to a joyous standing ovation. While Amir is running around in excitement and speechless. The prankster himself, Streeter, gets his payback by presenting him with the check. It’s hilarious, priceless, and non stop watching entertainment. This is so EPIC!!!

Here’s the video….


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