What starts the Fire?

When the day starts, the sun shines through your window to find a hazy eye not wanting to open. Usually some sort of ignominious and repetitious beeping from our assortment of  alarm clocks fills your head. But since technology has helped with our addiction to music we can now wake up to any song that we have on a album or a downloaded MP3. When we think about the morning, an array of words are synonymous with the sunrise and what is good nature. But why do we normally dread the grind of morning wake-ups and rush hours? Even the best days start with a lazy morning. It’s our bittersweet symphony. When hearing music or our favorite song for the first time, it’s like seeing the light for the first time. A fire is instilled in us forever. It may cause to start learning an instrument or start collecting album after album to find your Abbey Road.

Now what makes a great wake up song?

Is it just your flavor of the week? Maybe it’s the ultimate pump-up anthem? Or is it just the song that you find the describes what you want to feel in your “Morning Glory”? Each song has a different cognitive meaning to the each and every person wheter its a deeper meaning or something figurative. Many songs include the portrayal of a sunrise but it does not mean you want to wake up to it. The song could be just a gesture of Good Day. The only way to answer this time old question is that do your really want to be annoyed by a the public enemy of the awful alarm clock beeper or fell the morning wake you up like the first time you heard music. First thing to remember when selecting your wake-up song find multiple ones no one wants to get annoyed with the same song every morning like a bad FM radio station. I suggest keep a regular list so that you can change biweekly. This way you can’t get sick of any songs and can wake blissful morning. Now you can “Up and Go”. A positivist view can only help the morning keep strong ideas when choosing the wake-up and play-up list.

So keep your wake-up call vibrant and alive to get up out. Here’s a few suggestions to let ears wake up before the sun hits your eyes….


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