About two months ago, the icon, Jay-Z, released his first single off  his upcoming album, the Blueprint 3. The song is entitled “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)”. Jay-Z is the first come out and put a stranglehold on the artificial use of the autotoner on almost every song currently especially in the game of Hip-Hop. It was not a direct cut on a particular artist but most new artists are using the autotuner to gain exposure. the use autotuner is so mainstream that is has almost taken control of the top music charts. Why is music that is changing upon a recording mechanism held in such high regard?

The artist T-Pain has become the involuntarily leader or first mainstream user of the autotuner with his style of music. Now almost every new song that becomes popular has all lyrics being autotuned or the hook is on autotuner. Pop music’s new trend is autotune. 4 out of the top 10 songs use autotuner in the recorded songs.  It is not the fact that autotuner is this evil empire, it simply talks away the creativity of music. This style allows potential artists to have hit songs because their songs fit in the new trend and makes their voice and music sound better than it is.

The song “D.O.A.” is a musician and hip-hop icon trying to save the integrity of what music is. The music scene follows more trends than women do fashion but especially in hip-hop. About 6 or 7 years ago crunk music was the latest scene. Then snap music followed that scene. Now we have artists who primarily survive on autotune because without it they do not have hit songs.  These primarily autotune artists cannot even perform live very well without. I’m sure even Lil Wayne would not want to hear himself sing “Lollipop” without autoner. Jay-Z is right he can come out with an album and totally be at the top of the rap game without it. The question is “Do you think Lil Wayne would have sold all those albums if “lollipop” was not an autotune hit, allowing all mainstream to become recognizable?” Lil Wayne is in the top 2 0r 3 best rap artists easily right now but autone did help him a little bit. So cheers to Mr. Hova from New York please state your mind on any song anytime.


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