New Music Nov. 11th

Here’s some new songs for your musical enjoyment and listening pleasure. I am going to try to keep this up as a regular basis. So you guys can give me any suggestions if u want to add new music or want me to talk about new bands. But here are the new songs along with some remixes/mashups that you will enjoy. Plus I got the best “Forever” by Drake ft. Kanye, Weezy and Eminem. The first track is a new hip-hop song that will be on at the bars and clubs soon. I decided to put up T-Pain’s “Take Your Shirt Off”. Yeah it brings back memories of Petey Pablo “North Carolina”. But another good song to look out for is Pitbull Ft. Akon “Shut It Down”.  But T-Pain’s first official single is a club sound with some southern swag. Here it is “Take Your Shirt Off”…..

Over three years ago this man was on top of the music world. He is not only a great artist but one of the best producers or our time. That’s right, it’s Timbaland. In the same year he had an unbelievable be released but also produced great a #1 album for Nelly Furtado. Now Timbaland is coming out with Shock Value 2. Here is another hit byTimbaland featuring his good friend Nelly Furtado and newcomer SoShy, “Morning After Dark”….

From the Indie side of music I got one artist you need to check out and a new song.  Owl City’s new single, “Vanilla Twilight” is going to be another indie hit I feel. As for the artist, he is a Montreal based name producer named Tor. He’s matched up with great indie artist, Surfjan Stevens. Tor mixed some of Surfjan Steven’s songs and layed them over some big hip-hop names lyrics and tracks over Steven’s choruses. The project is known as Illinoize. Tor even put Outkast and Big Daddy Kane on these remixed tracks. The album has a great sound that is hard to describe because these mashups are the first of their kind. Tor meixed his own track from his 2005 LP and then mashed them to Surfjan Steven’s tracks.  The best part about the project is that this little project is available for download for free.

Finally heere some of the mixes and mashups I enjo with some of the music on the radio today. But first my boys from Right Side of the Tree have done it again. They are back to remixing new hip-hop songs to the style of the drinking anthems. Now they rapped each part of the the artists style to perfection. Their remix of “Forever” is pretty damn funny as well. Here it is …”(Drunk as Shit) Forever”

Here are the other remixes/mashups/dance remixes that I wanted to let you know about:

I Kissed a Girl, Just Dance/ Dangerous

Love is Gone Mashup

And my favorite… David Guetta Mix


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