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A “New Found Glory” Anniversary

A decade ago one album was created that once you started you could not stop playing over and over again. Not only was it a great album but it captured a moment in time for music. Yes there have great artist like Jay-Z, Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band that have released unbelievable albums this past decade but few can put you in moment of relevance with an age of music. We are quick to judge anything and in that case, anyone.  Few albums have a power that sticks to your musical connotations and when hearing a song from this album you become paralleled to another universe in your memory. It floats you back to a time of an unreal subconsciousness that makes you feel resonating thoughts of past events in your life. That is the power of a great album. Every decade there are only a few truly great album that amazes one’s ears to the heavens or the band’s majesty.

To create a great album words, choruses and melodies do not appear in a synchronized music sheet which is set to record.

How does any writer or self-genius music fan understand what ramifications make a great album? Well it has to include one sound unlike few bands can match and the entirety of the albums holds conformity. Today, music listeners get infatuated with two songs and called an artist the best or entitle him to some best record pedal stool. Well that’s shit covered fight that our record industry sits. A great album stands like a testimate to time. To you writers who declare albums great that only include songs that are somewhat noteworthy, I flip the bird to your columns and would gladly throw you in a mosh pit any day. . Even though it has aged, we can blow the layer of dust of the cover and listen to each track with a disillusioned hypnotism of musical prowess. Each song resonates with a jolt of energy as you listen to the artists heart and colorful lyrics make sense to its theme. When we could never put words together to tell a story we usually look to a mix-tape to tell our emotions and past lives.

An album entitled, New Found Glory, was born onto the world an amazing 10 years ago. Songs about the love heartbreaks and aches, muses and ex-girlfriends were broken into a picture perfect album. It became the bible of anthems of how to deal with heartbreak of a generation of punk rock music. With this record, we were given an anthem, a major-radio hit and a list of songs to last a lifetime. To make an entire record sound like a story a late teen to college student’s love life is impossibly. Few songs can capture a moment let alone a heartache story. But New Found Glory could not only put their efforts on to paper but match melodically in guitar and rhythm. They were the 20 year-olds trying to make a statement by signing onto a new label called Drive-Thru Records and toured the nation. Everywhere they went they had a crowd of legion of NFG fans.

In 2000, MCA Records joined with Drive-Thru Records to release the current quintet of Jordan Pundik, Steve Klein, Chad Gilbert, Ian Grushka and Cyrus Bolooki, major album release up on the world. Their first major release stayed on the Billboard Top 200 charts for a streak of 21 weeks. The punk rock band from Coral Springs, Florida, blazed a trail of stardom. From their 1999 release, Nothing Gold Can Stay, they made one of the biggest and quickest improvements from one album to the next. The self-titled album set the punk rock world in a friendzy.Alternative music had a new force to be reckoned with on the charts. The 12 songs on record were an infectious riot of love strong anthems to hearts and ears to whomever listened. And listened they did. That same year they were to set tour with the torchbearers of punk rock music, Blink-182. They were next in line to be crowned the best in the alternative music.

Their first single, “Hit or Miss”, hit number #15 on the Modern Rock chart. This righteous story of self preservation and angst stole the attention of fans across the nation and the world. New Found Glory began playing sold out shows everywhere and every fan new every word to the whole album. Every song was storybook into any life of NFG fan and soon they would become a band of a generation.

10years later, this storied quintet of unbelievably gracious guys have set to tour again with friends Saves the Day, Hellogoodbye and Fireworks. Except they want to give back to their fans like Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z have done in the past. They will play their most influential album front to back to honor one of music’s greatest albums.  They will play the entire set and I am sure with other great hits off the other ten albums. Not only are they performing this unbelievable album on their next tour but they are set to re-release the album with b-sides, bonus tracks and DVD. So get because this is the “Ballad of the Lost Romantics”


New Found Glory is Back!

From Coral Springs, Florida, a band came to be known as New Found Glory. The now famous group of Jordan, Steve, Chad, Ian and Cyrus have been battling it out with the acts of Green Day and former Blink-182. When they hit the scene 12 years ago in 1997 their future was bright.  On their fourth album they struck a hit with MCA with backing of Drive Thru Records with their self titled release. Still today this can be heard to be one of the best all time punk albums. The album broke a hit with the studio and mastered recording of “Hit or Miss”. This self titled album is easily in my top 10. Not only was it a  brilliant in its rocking way but had strong influences on their cult following. It was the album that made me play the guitar and become a punk rocker.

It was until 2002 when New Found Glory made strides to becoming the knock out heroes that they are today. In that year they teamed up with their label, Drive Thru Records, to hit the mainstream. Their lead single “My Fiends Over You” on the album “Sticks and Stones” hit the charts hot and made a following on the now dormant TRL on MTV. The album has sold over 850,000 copies in the U.S. This skyrocketed NFG in punk rock history. But it also got their names recognized with Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Green Day who were all big at the time. This also came with a cost though.

“Well, when Sticks and Stones came out and we were doing that Honda Civic Tour, we were getting compared to bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan we were angry with that […] At that point, we were getting compared to more pop bands and we aren’t a pop band […]

After that tour in which they out played the other acts, they moved onto more albums like “Catalyst” which came with the hit “All Downhill From Here” .Now the band has become the ultimatum of the punk rock world. They had become the punk rock band’s band. Similar bands wanted to know their secrets to stay at such a rapid pace in their creative geniuses to produce such punk rock but never could match NFG’s prowess.  In 2006, NFG settled down with the release of “Coming Home” which the single “It’s Not Your Fault” debuted. It held a little softer sound on this album which presented ed the diversity that the band can play at different tempos and with more meaning.

Now for 2009 the band has made more plans to become the heavyweight champions of the punk rock world. This will be their sixth studio album for NFG as it was helped and produced with Mark Hoppus of +44 and former Blink-182. The new release is dated for March 10th and it seriously cannot come fast enough. It will be titled ” Not Without a Fight” and its sound is not only for all their fans but especially the ones who love the self tilted album of 2000. Their lead single has been released and it is called “Listen to Your Friends.” It is already on their website/MySpace in one with a cool fighting game with a pseudo-like UFC theme. Plus it’s hilarious just like the guys are in real life. So get pumped for a fuel filled punk rock album that will revitalize the punk rock world.

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