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RST Boys Are Back!!!

That’s right the boys from  Right Side of the Tree are back.

Not only are they posting new YouTube videos on their channel, but have released two new songs for what else but Spring Break. Payne, Jones and Matty P hit the mics and the beats hard to re-make “Spring Break Anthem” for 2010 and have made a new drinking to sidekick the beer pong anthems, “Wanna Play Flip Cup?”.  The guys sound great and brought back their main man, Bizz, on both tracks. He has been recording a lot of tracks and mix-tapes on his own YouTube vids.  And even have Matty P is featured on the “Spring Break Anthem 2010”.  So hear are the tracks for ya….

“Wanna Play Flip Cup?”

and the re-make of  “Spring Break Anthem 2010”