New Music Oct. 30

It would be really nice if a website to present a reader the exact music he or she would really like to listen. But its not that simple. You can look at billboard charts and search through every artist’s MySpace page to find new music but that would simply take weeks to do. And music television stations do not play enough music. VH1 plays their version of a horrible top 20 and those are the only videos they will show in the meantime. Now known for the over dramatic shows, MTV, does not even play music videos at all. They will show a new band between shoes for you to listen to but the horrific bands won’t even be a bleep on the radar of the Top 200 albums. So if not internet or television, the answer must be radio. Wrong. Radio plays the same 7 songs throughout the day. And these same songs are way overplayed. It makes listeners want to crash their cars during rush hours from changing the dial so many times.

So I have looked around all over the blogosphere and on the billboard charts and I got some new music for your cerebellum. It wasn’t easy nor did I find the best song of all time but here are the songs that will becoming across you radio and your Pandora playlists. Most of these are all the new pop radio songs that will displace Lady Gaga and Kings of Leon currently. But big props to Owl City’s “Fireflies” just reached the number #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  First the best song that is out of this group of new tracks is One Republic’s “All the Right Moves”. It is a brilliantly written song that really attributes to the bands musical performance. Here it is:

Second is a name that should sound familiar. Her name is Kesha and you should recognize her from Flo-Rida’s “Right Round” track. She is actually an accomplished songwriter for other pop stars but has finally released an album. Ke$ha is a mix of Katy Perry and Fergie which is definitely not good for the music scene. But it has a very catchy hook and will conquer radio air play. Here it is called “Tik Tok”:

Sean Kingston and Chris Brown have been back on the radio and both have scored hits with “Face Drop” and “I Can Transform Ya” respectively.

Lebron James’ new movie is now taking hype for his soundtrack. First “Forever” with Drake, Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne hit the web and exploded on the scene. Now Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown’s “Drop It Low” has got another hit from the movie’s soundtrack.

Other new songs that got released are:

Kings of Leon “Notion”

New Boyz ft. Ray J “Tie Me Down”

Chamillionaire “Good Morning”

Fadro “Baby Girl Remix”


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