O.A.R. rocks Chicago

On July 24th at 9 pm, O.A.R rocked Charter One Pavilion at Notherly Island in Chicago once again. The opening act was great with a solid performance by The Beautiful Girls. They gave a great boost for the main set by O.A.R. Playing a set that was over 2 hours long and included 20 songs, it was the best concert that Charter One has seen in 3 years. To get the mood set right they started off with a couple of solid songs like “Heard the World”. But once their new song “This Town” was played a craze began throughout the crowd. They were up beat all night and sang all the words. The music was great. And the weather was amazing. Thus making the concert a perfect night. The set ended in a powerful performance of “52-50”. Then the concert was blown to shreds with an unbelievable concert. The pulled “Night Shift” out of their bag of hits and ended the concert with a 15 minute rendition of “Crazy Game of Poker”. If you want to check the full set list and reviews, then visit oarsa.org to get the the July 24th song list.

Not only did I promote for the O.A.R street team, I helped with the inaugural year of the Green Dream. This was O.A.R’s way to get people to start thinking about the environment. So look out at future concerts for people handing out 20% cards to the online store when you recycle at the venue. Plus the cards that I handed out were permeable and made with seeds so it can grow in the ground. Got to meet with Benj and Marc before and after the concert. They are super cool dudes and said the night was perfect.

Also “Wonderful Day” by O.A.R is featured in a new Ford ad which is kinda cool.


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